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Smart Technology Used In Lending And Borrowing Software

Smart use of technology can yield fantastic results. This is effectively proved by the next generation Peer to peer lending software - Crowdfunding Lend. This software can create any kind of lending based crowdfunding website with repayment options. Let’s have a look at the technology used by this software right away.

Cake PHP

Agriya has used the high-end CakePHP framework in this peer to peer lending software in such a way that your website will be very secure. It will also get better performance than other sites of the digital world. This framework also assists the website to host the web designs in PJAX technology. The best part of this technology is that it gives you the maximum flexibility to customize the entire website as per your wish.

Twitter bootstrap

This revolutionary peer to peer lending software powers your website with remarkable and responsive web 3.0 designs. These...

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Technologies Used In Crowdfunding Platform

Technology is definitely a blessing if it is combined in the right way to provide best results. Agriya’s fundraising software- Crowdfunding proves this to the larger extent. It is a software which helps you to create a crowdfunding software with all the fundraising models like Equity, pledge, lend and donate.

Everything is inbuilt in it. You just have to install this software on your hosting server, customize it and your website is ready for the digital world. Let’s see the right combination of technology this script utilizes to get the best results in less time.


CakePHP framework is the power behind this crowdfunding platform. This will help your cutting-edge fundraising website to extract high performance from the digital world. It will also make your website very friendly to the search engines. Besides performance, it also provides secure interface to your website. Your...

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How to create a JOBS act based Crowdfunding website in few days?

Just few days are enough to create a cutting-edge equity crowdfunding website which follows the guidelines of JOBS act. No hassles of coding, designing and testing. We are going to provide you a step by step instruction for creating a JOBS act based equity crowdfunding platform.

Choose an apt domain name

Domain name is the address of the website. So, we recommend you to choose a name which is easy to remember and avoid misspellings in it.

Opt for a good hosting server

In order to make your website live in the digital world you will require a hosting server. There are many service providers like Hostgator, dreamhost, etc. Choose a server with respect to good bandwidth, response time and up time.

Developing the website in a few days

Traditional method takes a lot of time, money and resources to develop a JOBS act based crowdfunding website. You have to align the website with respect...

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Overview of Agriya’s donation software – Crowdfunding donate

If most of entrepreneurs would have known this innovative method of building a donation based crowdfunding website, they wouldn’t have spent a lot of money and invested lot of time to launch their website. Their site would have easily been ahead in the competition. Let’s see this in and outs of this method.

Innovative way to create a crowdfunding website

No coding. No designs and No testing is needed in this method. Then how would you develop a website. Just sit back and relax while Agriya’s donation software – Crowdfunding donate builds a website. It has a pre-defined coding, designs and features which can help you to run the website instantly. You have to install this software on your server, customize the content and start running the website in the digital world.

Components of Crowdfunding – Donate

Crowdfunding donate comes with responsive web designs in the front end...

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Working mechanism of Agriya’s dynamic Kickstarter clone script

Agriya surprises the crowdfunding industry by introducing first ever Kickstarter clone script with multiple pledging model and exclusive rewarding system to the online world. It is a special ready-made script which has many in-built features, modules and beneficial aspects to serve the entrepreneurs with the best possible solution to enter into this crowdfunding world perfectly. Let’s take an in-depth look to get familiarized with the working mechanism of this script.

How does this script work?

Agriya’s exclusive Kickstarter clone script support to establish your own pledge based crowdfunding website within a short span of time. It will acts as a perfect online platform for the users to find the valuable backers who will assist them with financial support to develop their creative ideas easily.

Your fundraising website assists the users to list their creative ideas with complete...

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4 Dynamic Contest Types In Agriya’s 360Contest

Agriya developed a new variety of contest software, which can be easily adapted to create any kinds of contests website like design, video, audio and text. Using this software, you can establish your flexible contest website rapidly.

There are four different types of contest which helps the contest holder to distinguish their contest on your website. Let us experience the each contest type in detail.

Contest types

There are four major types of contest which helps your contest holder to showcase their contest distinctly. These types of contest also help to increase the visibility of the contest quickly, which in turn attract more participants to the competition.

Blind contest - Users can view their quote only. Other entries are kept hidden. This creates more curiosity among your users and makes them participate actively in the contest. This reduces the duplication of work in a...

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Bird’s eye view of BookorRent

People always love to fill their living space with unlimited range of items and stuffs. But the economic factor is adversely affects the desire and interest. So it can be overcome by means of sharing strategy. This is the base frame work for the evolution of booking and rental industry.

There is a recommendation that, people find more destinations which serves a sharing or a rental items for short time acquisition. But they ended up with failure.

On the other hand, some are eager to share anything which they feel to be useful or for further sale. There also, reliability plays a blocking factor to proceed further with the rental activities.

Hence Agriya wisely connected these two extremities of the rental and booking domain thereby formulated a comprehensive online solution called BookorRent.

This exceptional software is capable of running as a multipurpose solution for the users...

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How to clone a website ?

There is always best to take up more than one source to enumerate our choice effectively. This exceptional practice highly avoids the people to get blocked over a specified product, services etc. Moreover it greatly distributes the economy of the market to several successful entrepreneurs. So come and get such an exclusive beneficiaries out of several successful streams of business through clone script strategy.

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