Smart Technology Used In Lending And Borrowing Software

Smart use of technology can yield fantastic results. This is effectively proved by the next generation Peer to peer lending software - Crowdfunding Lend. This software can create any kind of lending based crowdfunding website with repayment options. Let’s have a look at the technology used by this software right away.

Cake PHP

Agriya has used the high-end CakePHP framework in this peer to peer lending software in such a way that your website will be very secure. It will also get better performance than other sites of the digital world. This framework also assists the website to host the web designs in PJAX technology. The best part of this technology is that it gives you the maximum flexibility to customize the entire website as per your wish.

Twitter bootstrap

This revolutionary peer to peer lending software powers your website with remarkable and responsive web 3.0 designs. These sharp designs automatically adapt themselves to any kind of device and browsers in the world. So, you will never miss conversion from both desktop and mobile users.

PostgreSQL and MySQL

This peer to peer lending software utilizes the MySQL and PostgreSQL for handling the database of the website. It is optimized with the PHP codings in such a way that it can provide a pleasant experience to your users while they are accessing the website.

Linux Apache and Nginx

This software is perfectly optimized to provide better performance in Linux, Apache and Nginx servers. It also consumes the apt server resources and has high end technologies which can reduce the load of the servers.

Final word

With a smart combination of features, revenue options and technology crowdfunding lend is definitely the best peer to peer lending software. Contact Agriya for more details on it.


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