How to create a JOBS act based Crowdfunding website in few days?

Just few days are enough to create a cutting-edge equity crowdfunding website which follows the guidelines of JOBS act. No hassles of coding, designing and testing. We are going to provide you a step by step instruction for creating a JOBS act based equity crowdfunding platform.

Choose an apt domain name

Domain name is the address of the website. So, we recommend you to choose a name which is easy to remember and avoid misspellings in it.

Opt for a good hosting server

In order to make your website live in the digital world you will require a hosting server. There are many service providers like Hostgator, dreamhost, etc. Choose a server with respect to good bandwidth, response time and up time.

Developing the website in a few days

Traditional method takes a lot of time, money and resources to develop a JOBS act based crowdfunding website. You have to align the website with respect to the JOBS act, design the website, develop the code and test it.
But, one method will help you to complete the entire process in just two days.

Everything is ready for you. Just install and start running a JOBS act based crowdfunding site. This method is none other than selecting a crowdfunding equity software for you website.

It has an ocean of inbuilt features which can help you to sail in the tough waters of competition. All the features are perfectly aligned with the JOBS act and the SEIS act. So, you just need to activate the modules and your website will target one of these laws.

It has predefined responsive web designs, advance admin interface, revenue options and high speed options. Install. Run and make money easily with this software.

Final word

Instead of going through a tough process of designing, developing and testing, we recommend you to select an apt equity crowdfunding software for your website. It saves around $8000 and three months of time. Besides that it has all the components for easily running a cutting-edge JOBS act based equity crowdfunding website.


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