4 Dynamic Contest Types In Agriya’s 360Contest  

Agriya developed a new variety of contest software, which can be easily adapted to create any kinds of contests website like design, video, audio and text. Using this software, you can establish your flexible contest website rapidly.

There are four different types of contest which helps the contest holder to distinguish their contest on your website. Let us experience the each contest type in detail.

Contest types

There are four major types of contest which helps your contest holder to showcase their contest distinctly. These types of contest also help to increase the visibility of the contest quickly, which in turn attract more participants to the competition.

Blind contest - Users can view their quote only. Other entries are kept hidden. This creates more curiosity among your users and makes them participate actively in the contest. This reduces the duplication of work in a greater extent.

Private contest - Registered users of the website can participate in the contest. This helps the contest holder can get more talented participants to their contest.

Featured contest - Using this option, contest holders can showcase their contest all above the non-featured contest on the website.

Highlighted contest - It differentiates the contest by displaying the contest in various colors which grabs more attraction among the users.

Final words

Agriya fabricate many beneficial aspects in this well-framed contest software. Contact Agriya to acquire more knowledge about this software.


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